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Ascension Extensions

Asian Water Wave

Asian Water Wave

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  1. Wavy

    • Body Wave: Loose and gentle waves that offer a slight curve and give the hair some volume and body.
    • Deep Wave: Deeper, more defined waves compared to body wave. perfect for wand curls.
    • Loose Wave: Similar to body wave but with a bit curl.
    • Natural Wave: Mimics the natural wave pattern that some individuals have. It's neither too straight nor too curly.

When choosing hair extensions, it's important to match the texture to your natural hair for the most seamless and realistic look. However, many people also opt for textures that are different from their natural hair for a varied look. For instance, someone with straight hair might choose curly extensions for a temporary change.

Also, note that the actual texture can vary slightly based on the origin of the hair (e.g., Brazilian, Indian, Peruvian, Malaysian) and the processing it has undergone. Human hair extensions tend to be more versatile in terms of styling, as they can be dyed, heated, and treated much like natural hair.

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